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Mare Nostrum Swim Tour: Unveiling the Entry Lists

As the anticipation builds for the 30th anniversary of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour, the entry lists have been released. It’s revealing the stellar lineup of swimmers set to grace the pools across Canet-en-Roussillon, Barcelona, and Monaco. Let’s take a glimpse into the athletes who will be making waves in this prestigious international swimming event.


Canet-en-Roussillon – May 25/26

The entry list for the opening leg in Canet-en-Roussillon boasts a diverse assembly of top-tier swimmers. Representing nations from across the globe, the athletes are poised to compete in various disciplines, from the sprinting prowess of the 50m to the endurance challenges of the 1500m. As the first stop of the tour, Canet-en-Roussillon promises to set the tone for a thrilling series of competitions.

Barcelona – May 29/30 Entry Lists

The entry list for the Barcelona leg showcases a mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talents. Swimmers from renowned clubs and national teams will converge in the historic city to compete in events ranging from the dynamic 100m to the strategic 400m. The Barcelona leg is expected to be a battleground of skills and strategies as athletes vie for supremacy in the pool.

Monaco – June 01/02 Entry Lists

The final leg in Monaco boasts an impressive entry list, featuring swimmers who have excelled in the earlier stops of the tour. As the athletes dive into the pristine waters of Monaco, they will compete in a variety of events. It’s including the challenging 200m and the intense 800m. The entry list hints at fierce competition as participants aim to conclude the tour on a high note.

Mare Nostrum Swim Tour Entry Lists

Get ready to witness the world’s top swimmers compete at the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour of this year as we unveil the entry lists for the upcoming events. Here’s a glimpse of the impressive lineup:

Women’s Sprint Freestyle Entry Lists

  1. Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) – Sodertorn SS – 23.92
  2. Melanie Henique (FRA) – Cercle Nageurs Marseille – 24.34
  3. Marie Wattel (FRA) – Cercle Nageurs Marseille – 24.54
  4. Julie-Kepp Jensen (DEN) – Danemark – 24.68
  5. Michelle Coleman (SWE) – Sparvagen SF – 24.72

Men’s Sprint Freestyle

  1. Michael Andrew (USA) – Ma Swim Academy – 21.41
  2. Florent Manaudou (FRA) – Cercle Nageurs Marseille – 21.53
  3. Maxime Grousset (FRA) – C.S. Clichy 92 – 21.57
  4. Frederik Moller (DEN) – GTI-Swimm – 21.57
  5. Thom de Boer (NED) – Pays-Bas – 21.58

Men’s Distance Freestyle

  1. Henrik Christiansen (NOR) – 14:45.35
  2. Daniel O Jervis (WAL) – Swim Wales – 14:46.51
  3. Ayoub Hafnaoui (TUN) – Federation Tunisienne de Natation – 15:00.24
  4. Marwan Elkamash (EGY) – Marwan Elkamash – 15:01.26
  5. Galicz Laszlo (HUN) – Hungarian Swimming Federation – 15:12.30

Women’s Backstroke Entry Lists

  1. Kira Toussaint (NED) – De Dolfijn – 27.10
  2. Kylie Masse (CAN) – Canada – 27.18
  3. Analia Pigree (FRA) – Canet 66 Natation – 27.27
  4. Ingrid Wilm (CAN) – Canada – 27.39
  5. Silvia Scalia (ITA) – Italy – 27.39

Women’s Butterfly

  1. Sarah Sjostroem (SWE) – Sweden Aquatics – 23.92
  2. Melanie Henique (FRA) – Cercle Nageurs Marseille – 24.34
  3. Marie Wattel (FRA) – Cercle Nageurs Marseille – 24.54
  4. Farida Osman (EGY) – Egyptian Swimming Federation – 24.62
  5. Michelle Coleman (SWE) – Sweden Aquatics – 24.72

Men’s Butterfly Entry Lists

  1. Katsuhiro Matsumoto (JPN) – Japan Swimming Federation – 1:44.98
  2. Hadrien Salvan (FRA) – FFN – INSEP – 1:46.50
  3. Richard Marton (HUN) – Hungarian Swimming Federation – 1:46.52
  4. Nandor Nemeth (HUN) – Hungarian Swimming Federation – 1:47.14
  5. Roman Fuchs (FRA) – FFN – INSEP – 1:47.20

The Mare Nostrum Swim Tour entry lists reflect the global appeal of this iconic swimming event. With competitors hailing from different corners of the world, the tour is set to be a melting pot of diverse swimming styles and techniques. As athletes prepare to showcase their skills and break records, spectators can look forward to witnessing the magic unfold in the pools of Canet-en-Roussillon, Barcelona, and Monaco.

The 30th anniversary edition promises to be a celebration of talent, sportsmanship, and the enduring spirit of competitive swimming.


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