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Unveiling the Premier Program: Mare Nostrum Swim Tour

Let’s dive into the detailed Program of each leg, where the waters will come alive with the splashes of world-class swimmers. As the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour enters its 30th year, the excitement is palpable for the 2024 edition. Featuring three iconic locations:

  • Canet-en-Roussillon;
  • Barcelona;
  • Monaco.
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour

Canet-en-Roussillon: 25-26 May

Kicking off the tour on May 25-26, Canet 66 Natation takes center stage, hosting the first leg since the tour’s inauguration in 1994. A stalwart alongside Monaco and Barcelona, Canet 66 Natation has been an integral part of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour’s history. As athletes dive into the Mediterranean waters, the Canet-en-Roussillon leg promises a riveting start to the new edition.

Barcelona: 29-30 May Program

The journey continues to the vibrant city of Barcelona, where the Club Natació Sant Andreu welcomes participants on May 29-30. Established in 1971, this club has played a pivotal role in the development and promotion of swimming. With its rich history and commitment to the sport, Barcelona sets the stage for the second leg of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour 2024. It’s offering an electrifying atmosphere for swimmers and fans alike.

Monaco: 01-02 June Program

The grand finale awaits in the luxurious surroundings of Monaco, hosted by the Monaco Swimming Federation on June 01-02. As a founding member of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour, Monaco has been an esteemed partner in fostering international camaraderie in the swimming community. The tour concludes in style, with Monaco providing a fitting backdrop for the final leg of this year edition.

Each leg of the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour is not only a showcase of athletic excellence. But it is also a celebration of the sport’s rich heritage and the global community it unites. Swimmers, enthusiasts, and spectators can anticipate an unforgettable journey across Canet-en-Roussillon, Barcelona, and Monaco. Where the waters will bear witness to the triumphs and records that define the essence of competitive swimming. As the tour unfolds, the legacy of Mare Nostrum continues to inspire generations of swimmers to push their limits and reach for new heights in the aquatic realm.


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