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Navigating the Structure of Mare Nostrum Swim Tour

The Mare Nostrum Swim Tour, renowned for its competitive spirit and international allure, follows a structure that includes heats, finals, and provisions for reserves. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements governing the event.

All events are conducted in the open category for both men and women.

Mare Nostrum Swim Tour Structure


Heats take place in 8 lanes, providing a challenging environment for swimmers to showcase their skills.

50, 100, and 200 Distances:

These distances feature both A and B finals, adding an extra layer of competition and excitement.

400 Distances in Canet and Barcelona:

Canet and Barcelona introduce an A final for the 400m distance. The occurrence of a B final is contingent on the number of participants in each meeting.

800m in Canet and 1500m in Barcelona:

The top 16 swimmers based on entry times will participate in the A final. B finals will be conducted only if there are four or more available swimmers.

Monaco’s Unique Format:

Monaco introduces a distinctive approach, featuring a 400m slow heat in the morning, followed by a fast heat (8 swimmers) in the A final in the afternoon.

Speed Tournament (50m)

  • Day one includes heats, 1/8 Final (16 best times), and 1/4 Final (8 best times).
  • Day two involves a Semi Final (4 best times) leading to the ultimate showdown in the Final (2 best times).
Mare Nostrum Swim Tour

Reserve Considerations

B finals for the 400m distance in Canet and Barcelona will be contingent on the availability of four or more swimmers.
In the Speed Tournament, reserves are considered based on the best times, ensuring a competitive field.
In summary, the Mare Nostrum Swim Tour embraces a comprehensive structure, encompassing various distances, final formats, and unique elements tailored to each location. As swimmers converge to compete in this prestigious tour, the intricate design of the events promises thrilling races and fierce competition, making it a highlight on the international swimming calendar.


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